Blessed #3-Furever Home

We don’t understand! I’m so scared!! What’s happened!? Where did our people go?? Everyone’s GONE! At least Hammie’s still with me!

A couple of days ago, all of our EVERYTHING got put into boxes, & some men came & took it all away! Then mama & daddy put Hammie, Me, & all OUR stuff into their car, & we drove to a strange house with strange people & strange stuff!

Hammie seems to know these people & like them. The lady kind of sounds like mama. For some reason, she seems familiar. I’m scared. I don’t know why WE are here.

YOWL!! I want my mama & daddy!! They LEFT us here! They said these people were our NEW mama & daddy! I don’t WANT a new mama & daddy!

The other two human boys here are so BIG!! Everyone keeps talking to us & letting us. I’m so confused! I don’t know where to go. I need to hide, but WHERE? I don’t know this house.

Everything is quiet. Hammie & I finally ate our supper after all the humans went to bed. Our new mama made sure we know where our food & water are. This is a big house! We have a litter box upstairs in the bathroom near where our new family sleeps & one in the little bathroom off the kitchen. There’s a big room down some more stairs. We’ve searched all over. We’re so tired. We’ve curled up together on the couch in the little room off the kitchen.

Our people left this morning & went somewhere called “church”. We looked around some more while they were gone. Hammie found THE BEST place to hide!!

The people came home & couldn’t find us! All of them are looking & looking & calling our names. The lady is REAL upset! It sounds like she’s crying. They looked for a LONG time! We stayed very quiet in our hiding spot.

I just heard our new mama say, “Look!” I hear something rattling. She FOUND us! We’ve hidden in some small cabinets in the kitchen. Hammie saw they were open on the end next to the refrigerator. We jumped up on the counter, then on top of the refrigerator, & then climbed into the cabinet. We went over to the very last cabinet.

We were scared our new mama would be mad, but she just laughed! She was so glad to see us! We saw that some of the fluff from Hammie’s big tail had gotten caught & left on the edge of the cabinet we climbed in.

Our mama just scratched our ears & shut the cabinet door! We slept a little while, but we decided to get down & never hid there again.



Blessed #2

My human mama married her boyfriend, & all of us moved to the next town over, Grand Island. We all lived in an apartment & were really happy together. I loved my new human Dad!

Then, we got a new kitten!!! This one was REALLY different! It was a HUMAN kitten! He smelled so good! But he could be really LOUD!! Hammie & I loved our new baby brother. It was awful busy at our house after he came! Human kittens take a lot of work.

Love and Safety

When I was little, I lived in an apartment in an old house with my new human mama and my big brother, Hamilton. Hammie was seven years older than me and didn’t know what to think of me. I was always climbing on him, chewing on him, and just generally aggravating him. He was a laid-back cat, though, and patiently taught me all the things a kitten needs to know. I was safe and now knew love!


People don’t like feral cats, as a general rule. Especially true in a community where they seem to be prolific.
My littermate and I started our lives under a Victorian house in Hastings, NE. It was hot that July. I don’t remember why our mama left us at 4 weeks old, but there we were. My first human mama heard the lady who owned the house say there were two feral kittens under her house, and she was going to POISON them and get rid of them…US!! My human crawled under the house and SAVED US!!
We were very small, and we needed to see a vet before going home. She had another cat and wanted to make sure we wouldn’t make him sick. She took us to a friend’s house, and we went to see her vet. We had worms real bad. He gave us medicine. There was a chance we’d die. My littermate had seizures and died that night.
I fought hard and lived and was raised by my big brother, Hamilton. He was the BEST!!
But…..more later!